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Specimen Requirements

tubeCollect: 2-10cc periferic blood in EDTA tube and store at 2-8°C
Important: do not freeze the blood samples.
Shipment: Please send theblood samplesat room temperature.
dnaCollect 10μg of of DNA in TE (10mM Tris-ClpH 8.0, 1mM EDTA)
Quality of DNA: The OD (260/280) ratio ofthe DNA samplesshould be between1,7 and 1,9.
Storage Temperature of DNA: -20°C.
Shipment: Frozen on dry ice is preferred, or ship on ice
Saliva sample should be fill up to black line (1cc of saliva) in Oragene container. After tube is closed 1cc of buffer will mix with saliva for a total volume of 2cc.
Storage: Saliva samplesshould be storedat room temperature in sterile bag.
Shipment: Ship room temperature for two-day delivery

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